Compressor Design


Use continuous frequency conversion to achieve pulse effect, xxx (to be added)


Pulsed aeration produces periodic bubble clusters, which greatly increases the service area compared with the traditional continuous aeration oxygenation method. Pulse aeration improves the air outlet pressure and velocity, and accelerates the turbulence degree of water. A lot of experiments have proved that pulse aeration has better oxygenation effect.

Compared with traditional continuous aeration, the number of bubbles produced by pulsed aeration is more, the average bubble diameter is smaller, and the gas-liquid contact area is increased. Compared with the traditional continuous aeration, the time of pulse aeration is increased by 10%, but the oxygen utilization rate is increased by more than 50%, and the power efficiency is increased to more than 28%, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

In the case of little difference in oxygen transfer coefficient, oxygen utilization rate and power efficiency are more important. Using pulse aeration can greatly improve oxygen utilization rate and power efficiency, so as to reduce energy waste and operation cost. Therefore, compared with continuous aeration, pulsed aeration fan not only helps to improve oxygen utilization rate, but also saves energy consumption of the fan.